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Day18 - 1000 reasons to keep going

Today we hit a massive milestone! With donations from Flora and James who are also camping out!! I’m not alone!!!!!, Cedric donating his bonio rations and Charlotte Dan and new boy Oliver!!!!! we have passed £1000!!!!!! This is amazing folks! I cannot thank you enough.

todays action...

woken at 2:30 am by a very hung sounding owl chick... by 3:30 I was contemplating digging up worms for it myself!

todays main activity was towards the scientist badge. Making fools gold and precipitation of urea crystals. Who says science is boring!

First fool’s gold

Rupert was watching intently

And then not so intently

Back to the science! Next precipitation of urea crystals

The result!

Now one final note for today.....

I apologise for breaking July!

as night draws in thoughts turn to tomorrow’s challenge. Navigation level 3&4

This walking clock seems to be broken......

keep building those #skillsforlife! You lot are amazing!

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