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Day 9 - Fish & Sinks

I obviously jiggled when i juggled in my circus challenge yesterday, as the camp bed supports snapped and the bed effectively ate me! bring out the inflatable!!! #backup

Up and at it early with my APTEM Tutor Dawn. All of our sessions have to be recorded for ofsted to inspect.. heaven help me if they review the ones in the tepee!

We then settled in some new residents to the pond! i'm not sure that this links directly to a badge.. but i like having fish! (turned off the fountain so you can see them)

Thursday was a very busy day at work, and although it started out dry... it then rained constantly! Apparently it's going to nice the weekend... i live in hope!

To illustrate #SkillsForLife Colonel Hathi (aka grandad) developed a leak... in his kitchen sink! #DIYSOS #DIYSkills

Seemingly it was touch and go so PPE was prepared

but Colonel Hathi fixed it and all is back to normal.

Finishing up the day I took my next challenge, as part of the survivalis badge on food hygiene i took an online allergen control (free course on the Food Standards Agency website)

In preparation for the next badge challenge (which will be a challenge for me!) Navigation!!!

Colonel Hathi is preparing the level 3 and 4 classroom and practical activities for me (so if the blog stops you know this didn't go so well!)

Tomorrows badges will also include some target practice (weather permitting)

Also have a live on air interview with @ImagineRadio PeakDistrict! (little bit terrified) and have an article being prepared by Liam @RuralVoice!!

Fundraising has been amazing! We have passed £600!!! A couple of Anonymous donations (thanks whoever you are!)

Donations from CANADA (Thanks Bert!)

Even my tutor Dawn got in on the action! Thanks Dawn (who also linked me to the Cavendish Golf Club!)

All in all a soggy, busy but epic day! As i settle down in the rain. TTFN

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