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Day 8 - Juggling!!!

firstly.. this is how the day started

there really isnt a snooze button on a chicken alarm clock.. but i think i might patent one!! :)

Part way through breakfast I receive a phone call from Trevor at Imagine Radio!!! taking down our details for tomorrows local news slot and also Thursday Headline Hit (so get your camping song suggestions ready!!!!) We may also appear on the breakfast show at some point!!! all very exciting!

Also look out for coverage on High Peak Live!!! Next week we shall hit the media cannels bakewell way.. but this has so far been really amazing!!

After breakfast the Cub and I (aka Grace) went down to feed the boys

Quick trot around the field and then home for a day of meetings.. AND RAIN!!!! Clearly the Buxton weather man did not read my letter of complaint against the current inclemant weather!!!

After work a quick jump over the wall to perform some maintainence on the church path ready for services to start on sunday. Filling in some pot holes to make driving up a little safer.

After a quick bit of tea iuts then time for cubs!!! my first as a leader in training!

#Tonights activity Juggling and plate spinning #SkillsForLife (had to collect these from the house)

and here is the evidence of the actual juggling!

15 seconds later i hit myself in the nose with a ball and fell off the camp bed! bad times...

Next plate spinning

which actually took a lot of effort!

So thats the circus skills TICK!!! whoop!!!

training aid came for the next part of the first aid challenge

going to learn how to medically stitch which will be interesting and a #brandnewskill

So another long but amazing day!

Thank you to the new sponsors! Nick, Arkela, Jan (never getting my navigation badge!!) And Richard&Ali! you guys are amazing! and at present we are smashing it at £210!!! which honestly is £211 more than i thought i'd raise!

Until tomorrow when it might stop raining.... It might!!

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