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Day 7 - Media, Spoons and Rifle cleaning

Today has been utterly fantastic (and slightly random!) After a few morning meetings I had a phone interview with @Ben-McVay from the Buxton Advertiser! Ben shared his most recent camping stories, which rather instilled fear into me as the rain begain to fall again! (the drought is over...)

Take a look at the article!

Now not to be missed out, the cat decided to break in whilst the interview was in progress!

And now not to be outdone.. Rupert decided to also get in on the act!

A full day of meetings concluded and there was then somehow time to fit in a district leaders meeting! discussing how to best make the hut covid secure and also to plan the activities for the packs. I am so thrilled at the "to-do" list!!!!

Almost forgot to add! tomorrow the media wagon continues! I have another phone interview with ImagineRadioPeakDistrict. I plan to get them to try out the circus challenge!!! only time will tell!

As far as my challenge... As part of the #MasteratArms I have stripped, cleaned and oiled my air rifle (something i have needed to do for a long time... many youtube videos later... and it still shoots!).

I have also been practicing my spoon balancing skill ofor my #circuschallenge! this is so much harder than you think! my best is 23 seconds!

I would love to hear how long you can balance a spoon vertically! Longest time wins a chilli!!!

All of this activity over twitter/facebook and linked in for #SkillsForLife and #JulyUnderTheSky has seen the donations pass £100!!

Special thanks to Debs and Hannah for your kind words and donations. So very much appreciated.

Right thats it! after such an epic day i am ready for bed! TTFN

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