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Day 6 BLUE SKY.....

Blue sky! the excitment is almost too much! (but more of that later)

(i added a piece of cloud, otherwise it looked as though i had used paint to create a blue block!)

Todays activities started with additional badges being added to the list!

  • master at arms

  • farming

  • emergency aid

  • survival skills

  • Outdoor award

This was then followed by an amazing phonecall with @scoutsscarter from UKScouts giving really useful insights on how best to share the chaos that is unfolding and how to make every tweet count!

So after a day in the office (not the typical pharmaceutical office!) reviwing 4000 line multi year project plans for vaccine facilities I thought i'd take advantage of the dry weather and continue the smallholding/farming badge!

First a field trip to the sheep,

Whilst Grace went bug hunting (finding a shield bettle)

And Amy takes the boys for a walk through the field

Back to the garden to finish the fruit garden (again as part of the farming badge).

Fruit trees planted; Plum x 3, Apple x4, Pear x3, Black Cherry, Black Currant - this did get the curiosity of the chickens!

My shiny new spade! a great fathers day gift! who knew Joules did garden tools!

And after a nice evening took some time to take in the scenery.

So thats day 6 enjoying the #blueskythinking #peakdistrict #skillsforlife #julyunderthesky #1stChatsworth

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