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Day 5 - 4:10AM

Updated: Jul 6, 2020

Day 5 started at 3:10AM... With the winds continuing from yesterday and rain combined for a truly disturbed nights sleep

Now again... the point of doing this in JULY was for the weather to be nice! I have written a strongly worded letter of complaint to Buxton Weatherman to see if he can remedy the situation.

The winds even caused the trusty Wisteria to come away from the wall

This is bad times indeed!

Todays first challenge was First Aid... and although i had been first aid trained some years ago, i needed my trusty helper to remind me...

Out comes the training First Aid Kit. Eye bandage

Next Arm Sling

I reckon Grace is a shoe in for the next season of Holby City!

Things got a little sinister when my arm was bandaged... as apparently "its just too big!"

Next a simulated cut...

Whilst this is Grace applying pressure...

After pointing to the pressure should be to the wound and not internally we moved on...

Things took a turn for the worst.... full on recovery and CPR required...

apparently a swift kick is useful in turning over a dummy on the floor!

Perseverance and the patient survived...

Unfortunately Grace was then struck down by a mystery illness

and after seeing the hash i'd made of the eye bandage Rupert decided to step up and take charge

followed by mouth to mouth

She LIVES!!!! #superRupert #SkillsForLife #JulyUnderTheSky #1stChatsworth

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