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Day 4.. Knots...Not...Knots...

Day 4 was the day to start the pioneering badge activity! This included several different types of knots

If only it were this simple! I descovered quickly that my knot tying ability needs some serious attention! So I enlisted some help!

after a thorough safety briefing and demonstartion i was then led through my first ever er reef knot..

Which was more of a challenge then it should have been! I kept getting my right and left hand mixed up! you'd think at the age of 37 i'd have this sorted by now! NOPE!

More knot practice to be done over the weeks!

Then back to the tent for a blustery evening, experiencing upwards of 50mph winds in a tipi! I mean there is a reason I chose to do this in July! (mainly as i thought the weather would be nice!)

I did however install my bug lamp! best camping gadgit ever!

This little zapper did get the midgies in the test... however it did slightly shock me at the same time as i thought i was under fire! almost ended up under the camp bed!

SuperSaturday (Day 4) was also 4th July (Happy Independance Day!!!) But also Super for us in the sponsorship front! With Theresa and Nick&Lorraine both adding to the pot this takes us to a whopping £90 already! Really do appreciate the sponsorship and the words of encouragement.

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