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DAY 30! We DID IT!!!!!

We’re there!!!!!! We have made it to Day 30! What an absolutely fantastic journey! I can’t say I have loved every minute… Who knew July could be so cold, wet and horrible.

I could not have done this without the support of the scouting famalam, the wonderful leaders, the packs, the parents, family and friends. But most of all I couldn’t have done this without my girls!

My little side kick, little BFF, my world and (although I am biased) a tremendous Cub!

Now a year ago tomorrow I married Bagheera (although the certificate does say Amy). What a first year of marriage! I couldn’t have asked for a more supportive partner. Take time to thank those around you! These are the people who make you what you are!

Words cannot do justice to how much I love this woman!

Now as it’s our first anniversary, the traditional gift is paper.. but I will accept electronic paper!

So please keep donating!!! If we cannot fund these modifications then this means our journey stops.

I’ve only just started! 30 days into #SkillsForLife.. I hopefully have another 50-60 years to go!

So dig deep, pester, poke, I make no apologies. We are #AllinThisTogether

The auction of the NCC-Enterprise model is running! The first bid is in! lets see how much we can raise on this!

Remember Imagine radio breakfast live tomorrow morning between 8:10 and 8:15!!!

On a sponsorship front today we almost reached £1300!

With Chi from Singapore!!!

This takes our international tally of sponsors to

USA – 4

Canada – 1

ROI – 1

UK – 31

Switzerland – 1

Singapore – 1

I wonder if I can get a few more countries on the map….

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