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Day 28 – Hedgepig

Firstly the review of the camp bed! – I’m still alive!!! And the bed is extremely comfortable! I didn’t fall off and it didn’t eat me. All in all what I would call a result.

The wind and the rain however continue to beat down on the Tepee and did make for another sleep deprived night. I think the only night I’ve not slept in the rain is when I didn’t sleep and was at HMP Shrewsbury!

So after pulling myself out of the bed. I set off to work.

Yet again more rain!

Todays badge challenges was edible art (#peak2020);

It may not look like art, but it was quite tasty in my hot chocolate!!!

On my #farming badge whilst putting the chickens to bed, I came across something new for chickens (well in my experience) a very well fed hedgehog! I say well fed because I think it had eaten quite a bit of chicken feed.

A quick phonecall to HQ and Bagheera comes down to check that everything is A-OK.

Luckily this is a mighty fine hedgehog and we put it back so it can finish it’s midnight feast, much to the chickens dismay!.

On a sponsorship front today we almost reached £1200! With Dusan and George (both part of the most awesome team in MSD!)

George was a scout master for a period of time and his son achieved the Eagle Scout award!

Very impressive!

This takes our international tally of sponsors to

USA – 4

Canada – 1

ROI – 1

UK – 31

I wonder if I can get a few more countries on the map….

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