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Day 27 - NEW BED!!!!!!!

Hey world! Day 27! Start of the last week!

It’s hard to believe that I’ve now spent 3 weeks in a Tepee at the bottom of the garden! Although I must say it feels “normal” now, so heaven knows how I’m going to cope back in the office!

I’ve had some wonderful messages of support along the way, it’s really heart warming to have friends from every part of your life sending you notes of encouragement. It means a lot!

So for the days challenges:

The first #peak2020lockdownchallenge was to watch a film to get in the mood. I thought about this long and hard and wanted to choose a film that would show me any important badges I’ve missed.

Now, whilst not one for the beavers and cubs, I’d definitely recommend it for some fun! I laughed quite a bit!

Next it was a combination of the Anglers badge and my #nemesis Knot tying! As we’re going to be by the sea next week I thought it would be good to brush up on my sea fishing rigs

Quite an informative youtube channel should you ever have the need!

Back to the knots… this one I think I have mastered! The leader knot! (and I don’t think that means to tie Bagheera up… but I can try!)

After this its getting tucked in for the night.. when #boom! The amazon man finally appears with the replacement camp bed! #byebyeblowup #betterlatethannever! although I must admit setting a bed up in the dark wasn’t the best idea! After a lot of faffing the bed was up!

As far as a review… you’ll have to wait until tomorrow (to see if it either eats me, or I roll off and face plant).

Thank you to Rachel, Jon and Klara for sponsoring the madness! Klara is rocking the challenges!

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