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Day 26 long johns!!!!!

After an early start (grace got cold in the Tepee) we were up and at it for Sunday!!!

but first the breakfast of champions!!! PANCAKE!!!!!!!

Yesterday's garden inspection gave me a list of jobs to do. So off I popped (as part of the smallholder challenge).

Repotting of Graces WATERMELON!! yes apparently you can grow watermelon 1200ft above sea level!! Who knew!

After this I trimmed up the tomatoes & chillis.

With some epic #longjohn cayenne peppers

Then harvested a courgette! first time ever! But looks pretty good I’d say! That and the replacement flower is super bright!

The super bright flower

Then to pegging up my pea plants and enjoying the garden between showers

I tried to then sit diwn... clearly this is not allowed!!!

Now for today’s badge challenge! paper aeroplanes

Grace and I did the superhero challenge


whilst mine looked like this

And now for a badge we had been looking forward to! Water fight!!!! enjoy the videos!!!

first Grace

Then me

And finally Bagheera!

The dogs were feeling a little left out.

we’ve had another anonymous sponsor! thank you so very much!!! I hope you enjoyed the videos!!

final push! This is going to be an epic week!!!!

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