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Day 25 Super Saturday!!!

Todays the start of #Peak2020lockdownchallenge and also the last weekend of #Julyunderthesky i am amazed how fast the month has gone! but also how much fun it’s been!!

today started with a bit of gardening

The excitement of having a Trinidad scorpion chilli!!! Not sure I will be that excited to eat it but perhaps that’s the next challenge!

As part of the #farming badge i mucked our the chickens, they seemed to like the cleaner pad

for the #communityimpact i put on the safety gear and went strumming the churchyard

I was pretty hot after 2 hours! But every little helps and clearing a few graves and paths was a good outcome!

after a quick tea it was tine for the opening ceremony.

what starts camp off better than marshmallow???? we had help!!!

Grace definitely enjoyed it!

Although I think Bagheera and Mrs Kirkland had a small sugar rush going on!!!

Final sporting activies for the day, a little American football

Bagheera in action!!

After this it was time to settle down for the evening in the tent to watch Pixels and call it a night. After a rather busy day!!!

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