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Day 23 - Things that go bump in the night

Midnight day 23... and something hits the Tepee. Something big! Big enough to move an air bed with me on it!

if you had the windows open, you may have heard my scream

After pulling myself together I did the manly thing and turn every light on! I then went to investigate and couldn’t see a bear or yeti or well anything really!

but the Tepee did look pretty at night.

Next to the artist challenge! And we are almost there! Just the finishing details of the scouts sign and we’re done!

hopefully you like it.

now tomorrow’s challenge is one I am particularly excited about the Angling badge. Having booked the day off work Grace and I have enlisted the help of Nanny and Pops! rod license and permit in hand!

let’s see if there are any fish! My money is on grace catching more. Especially if crabbing is anything to go by! They will be jumping to land in her pockets!

on a sponsorship front todays sponsor Deb C! Thank you so much!!!!!

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