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Day 22! Adding a splash of colour!

Wednesday is always a slightly hectic day, chucking food near my mouth I was excited to have the first session of “to cool for skool” so excited in fact I was in danger of starting the session with orange lips from Bagheeras sausage pasta! Yummy it was!

straight into the session! the first task drawing a Celtic knot. Now I don’t know what it is about me and knots but this baffled me. The first attempt looked like whale intestines and the second like something Crick and Watson scribbled in a pub! (Now that’s edutainment!)

Rupert also clearly got fed up and though he’d better hang with his furry BFF Luna!

we then started something called a gods eye?

do not try this with garden wire and canes. It will not work! Now you might be thinking, I’m sure Rupert was on the bed with a cat....

he was, and the substituted by Grace.

after this I set off to progress on the artist badge. I will add a few progress shots.

After a near death experience yarning... it’s time for bed

On a sponsorship front we are now over £1100!!!!!!! With a sponsor all the way from the USA! Mr Dan Cox! Who’s son, Gabriel has reached his Eagle Scout Rank! Great work Gabriel!!!

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