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Day 21 Artistic beginnings

Today started bright and early with a visit to the chickens, breakfast and then into a day of meetings. All sounding normal I hear you think..

until a squirrel jumped on the Tepee and made me scream whilst mid sentence! Followed later in the day by the cat’s prowling around the Tepee casting shadows that looked more like the lion king!

i think the isolation maybe getting to me!

i hang up the telephone from my last meeting and start the badge work. first task “farm inspection” potatoes, chillis and peas going strong!

after which it was the start of the artist badge

i am not the best artist so this was going to be a challenge... the astute will also recognise the kitchen table. It’s impossible to do this drawing in the Tepee! I tried!,

I was struggling for inspiration but then had a lightbulb moment!

tomorrow is adding paint!

Todays sponsors Shiela & Mike and Cameron & The Farrells thank you so very much! It’s you that keep me going!

with the model finished I thought I might post it on the Facebook page (julyunderthesky) and put it up for an open auction, see if it can raise a little more sponsorship.

Until tomorrow keep practicing the #SkillsForLife keep shading #julyunderthesky and stay awesome!

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