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Day 20 - Model citizen

How is it a tent can go from 6c to 20000c in 5 minutes? I went from frozen feet to sweating profusely!

and if you were wondering both the owl and the chickens were very active!

One thing I forgot to share from yesterday was the message to peak2020lockdownchallenge I hope you check out the peak 2020 challenges! Some are quite fun!

After a day of meetings i tackled todays challenge

model making

this one is especially for Patrick!

i often get told off for not reading instructions but these had no words!

Even Rupert was confused!

after many much gluing of myself to myself and gluing woe to each finger it started to come together

Do you know what it is yet?

The finished article

Still with wet glue!

on a fundraising front thanks to Jon and Annalisa for sponsoring today!

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