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Day 2! It did stop raining!

Updated: Jul 5, 2020

Finally stopped raining long enough for me to start on my back woods cooking badge! The picture doesn't do it justice! some nice Chilli and rice! traditional camping sustainance!

Small campfire to warm the place up whilst eating!

Followed by a walk down to the sheep (Oakley and Texas) as part of the small holders badge, bottle feeding done! bedding checked! sneaky selfie check!


Then back into the tent catching up on some Ted Talks ready for Day 3 (Training day!)

Wake up for a nice brew on my whistling kettle!

looking forward to the weekend for some time to practice the badge skills.

Thanks to everyone whos shared, read, encouraged! Leanne Chorlton from the 40th Rochdale Scouts for all of her ideas and support!

#skillsforlife #smallholder #campfire #putthekettleon

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