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Day 19 - Which way?

Today started with clear blue sky’s. a lovely crisp morning. I could tell it had been a fairly clear night as I had had cold feet! And my glasses took 5 minutes to defog when I put them on!

todays challenge was two parts Navigation and Photography. I must admit to being a little apprehensive about the navigation badge! Those who know me can attest that Navigation is not my strong point. I once managed to get half a plane full of passengers lost within Luton airport. Needless to say it’s sometimes touch and go as to weather I can find my way back from the Tepee!

Right, the task, Colonel Hathi, Bagheera and Squidge had concocted this torture, I was given 6 digit map references and and overview of a route to follow. Once abandoned at the start of this route I was then to make my way to a check point.

all sounds simple for you scouting types.... remember the plane!

Now it gets real... there is a briefing and a kit inspection

Then I try to fold the map

And after 5 minutes of arguing with the map Bagheer took pity and folded it for me.

And now I’m off! Aka abandoned!

Rockin and rolling along the bridle way

It was very peaceful ”upon moors”

Down a rather large hill and as the isolation was already kicking in I started started singing

After a sigh of relief I knew I was on the right path

Down to the reservoir I trott.

through some lovely little paths

And finally arriving at the first named point Bonsai cob. Where this small incline of mud awaited me

Trust me it’s steeper than it looks!

After this it was a straight(ish) to the next named point (the Dam)

Onward I pushed.

Confidence building I trekked on through the forest towards “the street”

Following a fork in the road

things too a turn for the worst......

Pace was increased, and finally I found the RV.

But NOOOOOOOOOOO I had missed a check point

Footage showing the moment Squidge heard my screams of terror... or when she was figuring out wind direction... you decide!

So it looks like more training is necessary! Regardless it was a lovely walk and I’m still alive!

the photographer badge required different camera settings and a collection of shots.

So that’s todays mission! #SkillsForLife!

will be dipping down to 6c! Tonight so if your camping, wear extra socks!

thank you to Helen and Joel for sponsoring today!

im making me a hot chocolate now to calm the nerves!

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