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Day 17 - Toasty marshmallows!!

Today started with this strange orb like object in the sky.

I have been informed that this is indeed the SUN...

so I sat outside and picked a few raspberries to have with my breakfast before a full day at the office (small holders task)

Yum yum (as my mum would say!)

After a full day I decided some toasted marshmallows were called for. That and a little camp fire towards the pioneers badge. I did need my little supervisor!

and Bagheera.

Grace showing me how it’s done.

And Bagheera showing she likes hers well done

Possibly not that well done...

On a sponsorship front Nanny and Pops (mum and dad) sponsored us £100! Which is very kind! Taking our total to a whopping £960! So close to £1000!,....

After demolishing these all that’s left is to tuck in the chickens and call it a week!

Actual sky! Night night

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