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Day 16 - Guess Who

What a windy night! (and no i wasn't eating chilli again!) but last night the wind was really blowing! i thought the tent might take off! on a plus side i think that would qualify for a different badge...

Today was the first Scout group session!! (more of that to come!!!!)

But first lets take the dog for a bit of fun and scent training

this is Ruperts best "throw the ball" look

now this is where i had hidden the ball and Rupert was working the area to find it. Also doing a pretty good impression of a windmill with his tail! see for yourself!

I then took a walk around the church to check the path i had fixed earlier in the month much to the disgust of Rupert

All of this was occuring whilst the scouting version of postman pat was out delivering badges! I think this drop has taken Amy over 8 hours to complete! and deserves a round of applause <clap clap>

After a long and somewhat confusing day in the office Grace and I prepared for Scouts (i told you there would be more to come). There was a GOLD SCOUT AWARD!!!! this is an amazing effort!!!!

Tonights end of term activity was a game of guess who.

after an epic #Scouts session we received a little message from Tim Kidd

This is really great for #ChatsworthScouts

On the fundraising we have another sponsor Rosie, Mark and the boys! so thank you!! £860 the total now!!!

Finally for those who know my exploits in life, they will appreacite why this page now fills me with abject horror... like nightmares.... cold sweats the works!

Thank you so much you wonderful people for reading this, i hope you are enjoying the journey! try some skills out! #SkillsForLife drop me a picture and i will add it to the blog!

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