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Day 15 - We’re half way!!!!!

I honestly cannot believe we’re half way! and what more amazing is I still have all of my fingers and toes!!!!

today has been another long day in the office so not much time to progress the challenge, but all is not lost!!

had a great “end of term” cubs zoom session. It’s going to be great seeing them progress through scouts!

Bagheera spent a large proportion of the day planning a badge drop (I went in for a bio break and wondered what had become of my normal office.

The next logistical challenge I had help with!

Pioneer challenge “camp gadget” now my camp gadget was a table for my camp gadgets!

enter my helpful assistant grace!

I just amazed it worked! #SkillsForLife

as for today’s media movements! We have been promoted on scouting radio! And I’ve also been talking to the UK Scout commissioner Tim Kidd!

I enter the crazy world of scouts tomorrow with my first scout session! #excited

we have reached £850! Which is epic and will really go a long way towards the needs of the hut! But we must keep pushing! You guys inspire me when it’s cold and wet, push me to promote the challenge further and with more voice than yesterday!

todays handy tip! How to tame a camel (without it getting the hump!)

If you do try this...... let me know how you get on!

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