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Day 14 - How to wrestle a crocodile

After an early start (thanks to the chickens!) we popped down to the sheep to give Texas a clean.

Then on with a full day of training

For those curious... the chocolate course won!

had a little camp company today

Whilst on the subject of all creatures great and small I forgot to add the latest residents at Colonel Hathi’s house

Back to business

first off today was a beginning to suturing. Something I had never done before! Luckily Bagheera was here to show me the ropes (or rather nylon... rope would just hurt!!)

Not the neatest by far and more practice needed!!! But a great #SkillForLife to have.

final task of the day was to figure out what to do if I come face to face with a crocodile.... I know what your thinking never going to happen right? Well I’m not taking my chances after all of the rain..... luckily Bear has the instructions

So there you go! You to are now briefed on how to wrestle a crocodile.... although I think I prefer the avoidance strategy personally....

Another fabulous sponsor has taken us to £700!!!!!! This is amazing!! thank you so very much!!!!

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