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Day 12 - Ghouls.......

Saturday nights "under the sky" wasn't in the Tepee... it was in HMP Shrewsbury! and no Amy and I didn't get arrested! HMP Shrewsbury is no longer a prision (well for the living anyway). It is a haunted attraction.

We rocked up at 8pm on Saturday and left at 2am Sunday morning.. very much awake!!!

As we walked around the site, the apprehension was increasing...

When we told Grace where we were going she was so concerned she wrote a note for us to hand in... needless to say Yvette loved it!

After a really enjoyable experience ghost hunting with the team (Yvette, Karl and Stuart) we talked about JulyUnderTheSky and had a little suprise

Thankyou Jenny and the team for a fantastic #TrickOrTreat challenge!

The following is the reaction from Grace when we told her how much Yvette liked her note

After a short nap Grace and I started on our Peak 2020 LockDown challenge badges. #peaklockdownchallenge

First challenge "Design your own Futuristic Invention"

Graces Invention was Plate 2.0 to allow you to have both your main course and your desert served at once. "With added cup holders" was an important point.

My attempt was a Hosptial Ship

Second challenge "Create your own planet"


My Attempt

As our final activity (before spinning around on the grass until we fell over) was experimenting with paper plane designs

now... the same hazard from the walking picture decided to eat these! but the experiment was a success!!

After a very long weekend, seeing some epic challenges on #TGIWeekender it's time to call it a night

Forecast - yes you guessed it! rain!

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