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Day 11 - #TGIWeekender

Bright and early start on day1 of #TGIWeekender and yes.. you guessed it... more rain..

The camps of the #1stChatsworth packs are amazing! i have loved watching the challenges and have been inspired to try a few (i think i might do the rocket challenge next week). It has been so fantastic seeing groups from all over the world taking part in the activities. This weekend shows #Scout #SkillsForLife is something vital for us and why we must do everything possible to get back to normal!

Rupert is not impressed with the rain... it did eventually break. So packing up the torches and scopes we set off for some target practice.

Grace and Bagheera finding the target

Bagheera showing how it's done (in wellibobs!)

Next my turn! note the lack of any support here! as the badge requires free standing target practice.

i thought this was pretty good! Bagheera comments "I don't think you would kill anything, but you might give them a bad day!"

Great seeing all of the pictures of the #TGIWeekender you guys absolutely inspire me!

No off for a "different" badge challenge.... more tomorrow..

Bagheera does not look like she's very excited to complete the #TrickOrTreat badge (yes there is one!)

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