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Day 10 Wig Wam Bam

Today started with a call on the radio (@ImagineRadio PeskDistrict) breakfast show!! A great 10 minute interview discussing scouting and how much of a family group we are. We were also the Friday's headline hit!

We will be back towards the end of the challenge!!!

The winning song Wig Wam Bam!!

We also appeared in "High Peak Live" and again we will be back.

Todays badge challenges:

Hill Walking dynamic risk assessments

Can you identify the hazards???

Rifle Scope Setting

Colonel Hathi showing Grace the ropes (think we could have used a smaller rifle)

Even Bagheera (Amy) had a go!

Its fantastic seeing all of the packs getting ready for the #TGIWeekender!!!! you guys are all amazing!

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