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Day 1 - Will the rain never stop!!!!

Updated: Jul 14, 2020

#skillsforlife #JulyUnderTheSky #RainRainGoAway

First evening and full day in the Tepee! Much more rain that i had thought!!! Well at least it's not snow!

At 5:30AM this morning i did think the chickens were trying to get into the Tipi for warmth! I also did not realise just how far the walk to the house was until A- I really needed the toilet and B- It was bucketing down with rain!

1st "Night Away" for my staged badge under my belt! and when the rain stops i will do some camp cooking (which i'm hoping is soon as i'm a little hungry!)

Loving the support from the other leaders and friends! keep an eye out for pictures of hopefully clear/dry sky and some cooking!!!

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